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Culture Treasures

Culture Treasures

culturetreasures.com/">Culture Treasures Magazine is a gateway for art, design, and film enthusiasts, guiding them toward sources of inspiration and creation across the globe. The magazine features short video articles and documentaries that offer a glimpse into the inner world of leading multidisciplinary creators. Additionally, it spotlights unique cultural venues that showcase exceptional art and design. Culture Treasures is a platform that provides inspiring and thought-provoking content by independent filmmakers, with a repertoire that includes documentaries, animations, video art, and explainers, all designed to spark conversation.

culturetreasures.com/">Culture Treasures serves as a unique treasure map to unforgettable worldwide cultural experiences. Established by Shachaf Dekel in 2022, Dekel has served as both the Editor-in-Chief and a writer since the magazine’s inception.

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