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Soul Breath Tarot aka TARO::TORA

By Rebecca Guber

Published Jan 11, 2023



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Soul Breath Tarot aka TARO :: TORA

Soul Breath Tarot aka TARO :: TORA is the first installment of a decolonized, more-than-human-centric, earth-based tarot deck made of 39 block prints and corresponding written guides. Inspired by coastal California ecology, this project facilitates self-reflection, personal spiritual growth, and deepens spiritual connection to the natural world.

I’m incredibly drawn to Ava’s work, which encompasses a wide range of media and brings a deep empathy towards humanity and the natural world. In this project, she brings the Jewish textual tradition to the Tarot deck, which has adapted and changed throughout history depending on its context. It feels perfectly fitting to weave in the natural world, and this project inspires us to to critically examine our own impact and relationship to the places we live and how we interact with them.


This work was developed during her time as a LABA Bay fellow in 2021.


Ava Sayaka Rosen is a multidisciplinary artist, poet, musician, naturalist and educator living in Oakland on unceded Lisjan Ohlone land. Ava earned an M.F.A. in Book Art and Creative Writing from Mills College, a California Naturalist Certificate from U.C. Davis, and a B.A. in Literature with a Creative Writing emphasis from U.C. Santa Cruz. From 2016-2022 she co-founded and ran Open Windows Cooperative, a shared studio, print shop, gallery and artist residency in San Francisco. Ava teaches Jewish values through art at Congregation Emanu-El in San Francisco. She sings and plays bass with Galore, whose debut album was released by Rocks in Your Head in 2020. Ava is passionate about bridging art, nature and education; her work is firmly grounded in the belief that art is a powerful tool that can support personal and collective healing, and inspire stewardship of our more-than-human community.

Guardian Oak

Wheel of the Year


The Moon


Deep Sea


Rebecca Giber is the founding Director of The Neighborhood: An Urban Center for Jewish Life.


For those who track the seasons:

Are there moments in the Jewish calendar that inspire you to think about our personal and collective relationship to the natural world?

For nature-lovers:

What lessons have you learned/can you learn from the natural world around you?

For spiritual-seekers:

Do you see a connection between Judaism and tarot? Are they complementary or at odds?

For Jewish-text lovers:

What nature-based symbols can you find in Jewish text? How do they resonate with you personally?

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