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How the High Holidays Sounded 100 Years Ago

By Hankus Netsky

Published Sep 23, 2022


How the High Holidays Sounded 100 Years Ago (Part 1/3)

(36 min) Ben Zion Shenkar, 1925–2016


Ever wondered whether your high holiday experience sounds like the one your grandparents had? Courtesy of the internet, we can now re-visit some of the great high-holiday moments of the twentieth century, experiencing the passion and urgency of the classic Eastern European Jewish prayer tradition. 

For Jewish congregations, the High Holidays are a time of reflection and renewal – and for the cantors and lay leaders who lead the services they have traditionally provided the perfect opportunities to show their range.  The poetry and “high-stakes” drama of the High Holiday liturgy become unique opportunities for breathtaking and original musical expression.

How the High Holidays Sounded 100 Years Ago (Part 2/3)

(2 min) Cantor Leibele Glantz, 1898-1964

How the High Holidays Sounded 100 Years Ago (Part 3/3)

(6 min) Cantor Alter-Yechiel Karniol, 1855-1928


Hankus Netsky is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and ethnomusicologist.



How do these excerpts make you feel?  


Why don't we hear music like this on the High Holidays anymore? What might happen if we did? 

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