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Rachel Hammerman

Rachel Hammerman

Rachel Hammerman is a visual artist who is “on a forever mission to capture the intricacies which give us pause and presence; the things that hold us immediately in a smile, and those which echo something deeper within.” She studied studio art and religion at Mount Holyoke College, and completed a year course in painting and drawing at The Slade School of Art at The University College of London. She is greatly influenced by old master drawings, long-winded rants, and by the drive to arrest a thousand moments and call them only one. Rachel’s art was recently exhibited at the Arsenal Center for the Arts in Watertown, MA, where she showed her series, Sixteen Million Lines in Search of a Horizon [Accompanied by the Unsolicited but Sharp Elbowed Manuscript: ‘Thread Count’]. The series was comprised of sixteen autonomous images arranged so that the titles beneath each piece threaded together to form a single poem.